Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. The title sort of speaks for itself. I have for several years now found myself at sea politically, unable to identify enough with a party to actually have the guts to register with one.

This blog will not be entirely political, however, as the next post after this one demonstrates. The content here will range from popular culture to media criticism, to sports, to music, to politics, to local affairs here in Connecticut's Northwest Corner.

As most readers and friends no doubt recall, I started my first blog in 2006 when I worked at The Lakeville Journal as part of the paper's tcextra.com website. I gave that up almost a year ago when I ran for public office in my hometown of Salisbury, Conn.


  1. I'm delighted to see you're in the process of getting back at the blogging. I love that picture of the gator!

  2. Thanks Terry. The gator is from a trip I took with my kids to southwest Florida in April. We took one of those airboat tours out of Everglades City and Capt. Brad dangled a rubber baby gator over the edge of the boat. The real gator sauntered on over and decided to show her pearly whites.
    The odd thing is Capt. Brad and I discovered we went to rival prep schools. Nevertheless, I resisted the urge to push him overboard.

  3. we'll follow along...start tossing the crumbs...

  4. Thanks Rick. You might want to change the URL in your blogroll. I think you still have the old one in there.

  5. Welcome back Terry!

    I have always like the morsels you toss out. Some I have chewed on, and some I have spit out. It's always good to hear what other people say and ponder on perspectives.

    I want to be on the record that I don't classify myself as a moderate unless one must compute a score through some arbitrary quantitative drill that places you on some imaginary axis by averaging a person's stances on different social issues.

  6. Thanks Richie. The alligator who approached our boat in April did not chew on the morsel Capt. Brad tossed out either. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla, right? Or am I mixing metaphors?