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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Can Yang's Third Party Succeed? Depends On Where 'Forward' Is

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As a lifelong unaffiliated voter unhappy with binary political choices, I've long wished for a viable third party to emerge. But at this early juncture, I find the new party started by Andrew Yang, Christine Todd Whitman and David Jolly profoundly unsatisfying.

To wit:

The "Forward Party is fighting for the American people with practical, common-sense solutions," its website announces. "While other political parties look to divide America into different camps, the Forward Party aims to bring them together."...

Presumably so as not to scare anyone away at this early juncture, Yang and company offer practically no specifics as to which policies they would pursue. In its platform, Forward offers ideas concerning elections themselves (e.g. ranked-choice voting, nonpartisan primaries, independent redistricting commissions) but next to nothing on the other policies its candidates would advocate for if elected to office.

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Credit Where It's Due: Blumenthal Is Right To Take On MLB's Monopoly

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I may not be the biggest fan of Sen. Richard Blumenthal but I think he is has this right and it's time I said something about it. Major League Baseball's 100-year-old antitrust exemption has outlived its usefulness. Blumenthal and a bipartisan group of fellow senators are pressuring the league to explain itself in the face of evidence that the exemption serves only to protect the interests of the league and no one else.

To wit:

Speaking of wages, Blumenthal pointed out at a press conference (he likes press conferences) at Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford last week, minor league players who are not on the 40-man roster of their major league organization make between $4,800 and $14,700 per year and are paid only during the baseball season. This would include most of the players on the Double-A Hartford Yard Goats, who play in the very stadium Blumenthal was standing in.

To that I might add, the low pay for minor leaguers disadvantages those whose families don’t have the means to support them while they work for pennies for a long-shot chance to make millions in the big leagues.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Is Businessman Bob Doomed To Repeat History?

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In almost any other endeavor, capable leadership would change course. But since 2010, Connecticut Republicans have continued to employ the same strategy in selecting candidates for high-profile statewide offices: rich, mostly self-funding office seekers with little-to-no experience in the public sector.

Tom Foley ran against Dan Malloy twice and failed both times. Within the span of two years, Linda McMahon ran unsuccessfully for US Senate twice — once against Dick Blumenthal and another time against Chris Murphy. Bob Stefanowski ran against Ned Lamont for governor in 2018 and failed. So what is the CTGOP doing now? They're running Bob again.

To wit:

Stefanowski has an uphill climb here. Twice in the last decade, Republicans ran a wealthy businessman with no experience as a candidate for public office against Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and twice they lost. Twice they ran a wealthy businesswoman against each of our Democratic US senators and she lost both times. Why should we think Stefanowski’s rematch with Lamont will be any different? Einstein’s definition of insanity comes to mind.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Lamont's Blunder: Using Abortion As Business Recruiting Tool

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Few topics get the blood boiling like abortion. But the topic here isn't the procedure itself; it's Gov. Lamont's attempt to use abortion access as a means of attracting businesses to the state.

To wit:

But there is a twist to it. Instead of touting Connecticut’s great business environment, which would be difficult to do with a straight face, Lamont is trying to exploit unfavorable reaction to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade by bragging about the fact that abortion is safe and legal in Connecticut, and that it will remain that way if he has anything to do with it ...

It feels like, in the absence of a favorable business climate, Lamont is devaluing abortion rights by using them as a cheap gimmick, less to offer the procedure to desperate pregnant women from red states than as an wedge issue to deploy in the service of some sort of economic war with conservative states.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

REASON GONE MAD: The history of Great Barrington’s first roundabout


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

As GOP Office Seekers Tiptoe Through Minefields, Talk of ‘Moral Turpitude’ in Torrington

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Is it fair to either food truck operators or law enforcement itself to allow police to pull the licenses of food truck vendors who are lacking in "good moral character?" That's still the law in Torrington.

Also, in the Trump (or even post-Trump) era, how difficult is it in Connecticut to run for state or regional office as a Republican? Ask Bob Stefanowski, who is negotiating hazardous waters in his quest to become Connecticut's first Republican governor since Jodi Rell left the building in 2009.

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