Friday, September 17, 2010

Housy Soccer on Video!!!

For my local friends, this is great. A regional newspaper, the Waterbury Republican, trying (and apparently succeeding) in making money off its website with high school soccer — in this case Housatonic vs. Litchfield yesterday.

[Note: don't try clicking on the video image at left, click here to see it, or on the link above.]

Notice the ad preceding the video featuring one of the Brass City's finest personal injury lawyers? Not sure how much the distinguished barrister paid for that spot, but it's revenue that supports journalism on the web.

There is a great save by Housy goalie Willie Yahn and interviews with players, along with narration by reporter Joe Palladino. Also, there is this article and a slide show of the game, which Housy narrowly lost 1-0.

Along with my friends Kurt Moffett, Brigitte Ruthman, Steve Barlow and Ruth Epstein, Joe must be one of the hardest working people at the Republican. Nice job!

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  1. Cool. That was very cool. I cant say much cause i dont do soccer. Nice.