Monday, September 20, 2010

The Nerve!

I absolutely love it when authoritarian leaders are interviewed by Western journalists who actually ask them uncomfortable questions. Yesterday, ABC's Christiane Amanpour had the testicular fortitude to ask Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about little things — oh you know, like sentencing a woman to a public stoning.

Just listen to the tone of his translator, who is horrified at the lack of compliance — from a female journo, no less. I'm sure old Ahmadinejad is used to state-run media lackeys who, at worst, would ask him what he had for breakfast. Sort of reminds me of those rare occasions when U.S. journalists interviewed the dinosaurs from the old Soviet guard.

Oh, the audacity!


  1. A commenter on Facebook correctly pointed out that "testicular fortitude" isn't a terribly appropriate term for a gutsy female.
    How about mammarian moxie? Ovarian effrontery? Other suggestions are welcome.

  2. I have at least three suggestions I do not intend to offer here. If my wife were to read them, she would put the Dylan oldie in the CD player: Everybody Must Get Stoned. Then she would proceed to throw rocks at my head.

    It's an age old tradition in our family unit. The threat of it I mean. Works like a charm

  3. I am most attracted to the end of the interview, in which he discusses his dealings with Obama.

    While he is manipulating his nation, is he not dealing with a leader (Obama) who is not unlike himself ... constantly trying to make us believe that which is either 'not true' or only contains a 'morsel of truth'?

    I think it is time we all opened our eyes and realized that our 'leaders' are power hungry and manipulating all of us.

    Here in America, we can control this with term limits, restrictions on government authority, and mostly by educating ourselves on what is happening in our nation and the world.

    One other note ... we might consider abandoning the tired and somewhat 'retarded' political party system and letting out government return to its original concept ... Citzens serving Citizens ... and then going back to what they did before ... NOT making a career out of government 'service' ...

    Are we not headed down the same road of what people just witnessed in this video?

    Think about it ...