Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pot, Meet Kettle ...

MSNBC's Mr. Ed mocks N.J. Gov. Chris Christie for his weight and for being heartless and cruel in insisting on spending cuts to balance his state's budget rather than simply "taxing his rich buddies."

Might the rich flee New Jersey in great numbers if the tax burden becomes too high? Might that leave the Garden State's teachers and other public employees in even worse shape than they are now? Yet another reason not to watch the cable news blowhards — as if we needed any more!


  1. Of course all those destination states have low taxes and regulation. I moved to South Carolina from Pennsylvania to start a business for exactly that reason. So far, I have hired fifteen people in the US and have provided probably twice that number of jobs in other countries. There is no way I could have done the same thing in PA. But I doubt Ed Schultz has a clue about any of that. He's just a public clown for a small number of idiots to ogle at.

  2. A "public clown." A great phrase. Sort of the antithesis of a "public intellectual."

  3. MSNBC stands for

    Mostly SH#T television...