Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She Wants Us To Watch What We Put In Our Bodies?

While I sympathize with her message, perhaps a woman who could convince her own husband to stop drawing on those Marlboro Lights would have more credibility on this issue?

I'll take a couple of Chalupas any day over a pack of Lucky Strikes!


  1. More of the PC ... Do as I say marching orders from our current administration ...

    Too bad she could not have followed in the footsteps of Laura Bush and continued with education.

    We will now end up with a country full of skinny stupid people!

  2. Educating people about the crap they eat would be a nice combo. Perhaps the first lady and the old first lady could work together on that. However, since Bush made scant improvement to education why bother?

    Terry, I think those chalupas would be just as bad as the cigs, and your farts nearly as annoying as the smoke, though not as deadly.

  3. Jim, good point. But I don't know about the "not-as-deadly" part!