Friday, October 1, 2010

Dark At The Top Of The Stairs

Update: Sanchez is gone. My, that was quick!

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As I've said before, CNN's Rick Sanchez is as dull as a stone. And his career might fall like one after this interview.

Make sure to listen to the audio. Sound does so much to breath life into his clownish words. The interview is full of references to Jon Stewart as "a bigot" and a cheapshot about CNN being "run" by Jews.

I understand Sanchez's frustration with being made fun of. I also understand that people of color on network news have been largely relegated to the "ghetto" of the weekend. But maybe his career hasn't taken off into the stratosphere because he just isn't that talented.

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  1. No talent is bad enough...pair that with no judgement and you have Rick Sanchez! I think it's a great audition for FOX though!!