Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Musings

Who's Got The Football?

Now this is scary, Bill. It's one thing to lose a cell phone, or even your wallet. But misplacing the nuclear biscuit?

A new book out by one of the generals who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Clinton administration claims just that. And it's also been reported by another retired military man who served in the White House.

I guess all that consorting with interns does nothing for short-term memory.

Tea Party Frauds

I'm pretty much in agreement with Peter Beinart's piece in today's Daily Beast.

Tea Partiers would have much more credibility if they had started their movement when George Bush and the GOP Congress started running up the debt, cutting taxes too deeply and launching huge new entitlements like Medicare Part D.

I'm sorry, but fighting two wars off-the-books with no way to pay for them is reckless and irresponsible. And spending under Bush increased an average of 7% a year -- way above the rate of inflation. Where was the outrage then?

You want to see a real conservative who is determined to bring his country's finance's under control, look to the British PM David Cameron, who is going at it with a meat ax and is also looking at increasing revenues.

Most Tea Partiers I talk to want additional tax cuts and are not willing to consider reigning in Social Security, Medicare or the Pentagon. That, my friends, is a joke.


  1. The tea party is a great idea gone bad...remember the old expression..."to many cooks ruin the soup". Change it to the following..."to many kooks ruin the soup"

  2. Your post is so on-the-mark, Terry! When I hear Republicans talk about the Democrat's spending it elevates my blood pressure. Who squandered a budget surplus with irresponsible tax cuts and increased spending? Bush and the Republican controlled congress. Did this help the majority of Americans? I don't see it. It's clear that the policies of this country have only benefited the wealthiest, at the expense of the majority of us. Also, how can the right forget that the 1 trillion dollars and counting that we've spent on Iraq and Afghanistan were also "charged" to our grandchildrens' credit card. Republicans are responsible for this, but the memory of most Americans is far too short.