Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Idiot 'Raid'

Never realized getting hit with wasp and hornet spray was an occupational hazard for journos. This fellow is just a complete idiot.

This cretin would have been better off rushing back to his house to drink the stolen beer his wife received from the guy who shot up the distributorship in Manchester.

I once had a fireman threaten to beat me up for snapping photos of an accident scene on a public street in Millerton.

He charged at me from across the street. Guess what I did.


  1. anything can be an occupational hazard for paparazzi style journalism. which is what the clip appears to be. since when can reporters get so close to the exiting offenders? That was a little too close. the camera meere inches from their face.

    I've photographed accident and fire scenes before, and not always for submission to local papers.. just because i was in the wrong place at the right time with camera in hand.. and like you, i was "asked" to leave.. i just kept a safe distance and continued shooting regardless of what they said.

  2. That's pretty much what I always did when I photographed accident and fire scenes, Fred. I kept a safe distance and did not hamper the efforts of firefighters.
    In this case, the photographer did get close, but the "victim" would have only been justified in pushing him away.
    Instead, he waited until he was safely in his car and ready to shut the door and pull away. Then he sprayed the photographer. So this was nothing but angry spite, not self-defense.

  3. The photographer may have gotten too close, but the response from this moron was a worse offense by far. This was an assault. The photographer should have pressed charges.

  4. He was yelling at me from across the street to stop and I did not since he had no authority to order me to stop.
    The he started running at me. I waited for a couple of seconds to see if he was serious. When he did not stop, I pulled a Monty Python & The Holy Grail( "Run away!).
    The guy was a couple of inches taller than me, so I figured I wasn't getting paid enough to get tackled by a big goon.
    I did get several good shots before it was time to leave, however. There was no blood and guts or anything, BTW. Just a banged up car.

  5. i was not really defending the guy.. just questioning the "journalism". Terry.. was your encounter pre 9/11? I've heard horror stories from photographer friends who have been detained/harassed for doing such in major..even with press credentials. seems like many first responders (police, fire, etc) are not really up to date (or concerned with) the rights of citizens to photograph/record their actions in the line of duty.

  6. 1997, I believe. At roughly the same time, I also had a Duchess County deputy sheriff tell me I could not photograph the back of Oblong Books while he was investigating a burglary there. I politely advised him of my rights and he pretty much backed off.

  7. Can journalists carry weapons? For defense purposes, of course!

  8. Of course. To defend ourselves from the pettifogging geeks in city hall!

  9. Hmmm, now journalists should carry Stun Guns, to deal with idiots like this. Take their picture rolling on the ground, soiling themselves....