Monday, August 16, 2010

That Was Then ...

I normally don't have much use for partisan pit bull Liz Cheney, but this quote given to Politico's Mike Allen is amusing:

"I guess President Obama was for the mosque before he was against it."

As I wrote two posts ago, Obama got it right the first time on Friday. Then when he corrected himself Saturday, he tried to have it both ways and just wound up looking spineless. Good thing he wasn't photographed windsurfing in The Gulf. That would be fatal for 2012!


  1. My views on the mosque is that NYC should allow a mosque but not that close to the 9/11 site.

    Your "spineless" description is justified. Obama has the propensity of making some grandiose edict and then reversing it the next day. It just proves what an incompetent leader he really is. He is either slow to act (gulf oil spill), or he makes snap decisions (mosque, CT cops, Sherrod case) To top it off, when he makes a mistake, he blames someone else. Some call him a "man-child" and I am beginning to see they are not that far off.

  2. Richie, agree for the most part. I might also add that Newt Gingrich's recent comments comparing these particular Muslims to Nazis was irresponsible and, frankly, disgusting.