Friday, January 7, 2011

To Newly Installed Gov. Malloy ...

... at a time when we're desperate to create jobs, is this any way to send a message to businesses that they should locate in Connecticut?

P.S. Since taking the oath of office, the governor had made it clear that he no longer wants to be known as Dan Malloy. Henceforth, he prefers Dannel P. Malloy. What kind of name is that?

Dannel P. Malloy's struggle to overcome dyslexia is well known. Judging from the spelling of the first name his mother gave him, I'd say he inherited the language disorder from his family.


  1. If anyone listened to Dan Malloy’s inaugural address they may have gotten the impression that he really thinks he’s quite a guy. I know that’s what I got out of it. He painted a picture of himself as a person that had so much working against him, but because of the true nature of his own grit, and the love of his mom he was able to overcome all of the adversity, and hardships that were obstructing his path to success.

    Just to put things into perspective Dan Malloy was born and raised in Stamford Connecticut, he’s an Irish Catholic brought up in the midst of the Kennedy-Bailey machine. How tough could it have been for him?

    In the future Dan Malloy should make it a point to exercise some heart-felt humility, because if he continues to force his exaggerated opinion of himself onto the people of Connecticut it may be the beginning of his own demise (politically speaking). It doesn’t wash, not with me anyway. If you want my respect then you’ll have to earn it. Just because you got elected doesn’t make you a great man, it means that you got elected, that’s all!

    Another thing that might be exaggerated is the budget deficit of $3.5 billion, a few months ago it wasn’t even close to that number. Where did it come from? It could be that it’s a ploy to make it sound a whole lot worse than it is in order to make himself look great down the road after he passes his budget, then after a while the new figures will come out, now low and behold our new Governor has saved us all from an insurmountable crisis, hallelujah Dan Malloy! The Democrats are especially attracted to this kind of scheme to make themselves look good to the public, and it works if we let it.

    I know that I’m cynical when it comes to the Democrats, but just watch them, and then analyze what they do, and you’ll probably become as cynical as I am.

  2. Did the state adapt the song "Danny Boy" yet when he's introduced!????