Thursday, August 11, 2022

Can Yang's Third Party Succeed? Depends On Where 'Forward' Is

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As a lifelong unaffiliated voter unhappy with binary political choices, I've long wished for a viable third party to emerge. But at this early juncture, I find the new party started by Andrew Yang, Christine Todd Whitman and David Jolly profoundly unsatisfying.

To wit:

The "Forward Party is fighting for the American people with practical, common-sense solutions," its website announces. "While other political parties look to divide America into different camps, the Forward Party aims to bring them together."...

Presumably so as not to scare anyone away at this early juncture, Yang and company offer practically no specifics as to which policies they would pursue. In its platform, Forward offers ideas concerning elections themselves (e.g. ranked-choice voting, nonpartisan primaries, independent redistricting commissions) but next to nothing on the other policies its candidates would advocate for if elected to office.

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