Sunday, December 31, 2023

Archive of Substack Columns 2023

'Holdovers' from another era, Happy Thanksgiving and other thoughts 11.23.23
Fun Times At The Chaos Party, plus Graham's indelicate AI moment 10.06.23
Yes, I do 'feel a little bit dumber' ... and other thoughts 09.28.23
NM governor suspends gun rights >> Common sense or 'breaking bad'? 09.14.23
America's tribal schism: What caused it and is it here to stay? 09.07.23
The Smarmy Ramaswamy: Who is he and why should you care? 08.31.23 
Getting away: a necessity of life 08.27.13
'Seized ... but not silenced' 08.18.23
Reaching the 'tipping' point? 08.10.23
Third indictment and no longer Triple A 08.03.23 
How old is too old? / Bonus: And the end of hangovers? 07.30.30
Hollywood strike: Could a 'perfect storm' cause an industry 'collapse?' 07.23.23
To sleep, perchance to dream ... 07.16.23
SCOTUS squashes affirmative action 07.02.23
If you've never seen the "'Old South,"' go straight to Charleston 06.30.23
SCOTUS ethics watch, part 2; and Titanic-style reforms needed 06.22.23 
'Cultural tyranny' and the 2024 'No Labels' trap 06.18.23
Running the country from Trump's jail cell and other thoughts ... 06.13.23
Through the smoke >> Happy Trump indictment day, part 2 06.09.23
'Follow your passions': wise words or 'Utter BS'? 06.04.23
Boston's little green men 05.30.23
DeSantis Gets In, Chartock Gets Out 05.26.23
Chicago: 'First we get the money,' then we take their suitcases? 05.21.23
Will angst over abortion rights tank a state Supreme Court nomination? 05.18.23
'Pornography for Democrats': fantasy campaign does highlight a real problem 05.15.23
BREAKING NEWS: Bear in the house and we lived to tell the tale 05.12.23
A mea culpa on CNN's Trump town hall 05.11.23
Jeffrey Epstein's powerful hold, Thomas must go and 'people with uteruses' 05.08.23
America's depression epidemic and the 'most dangerous woman in the world' 05.02.23
On Carlson, I have 'No Tucks left to give' and smokers are a dying breed 04.27.23
Post-judgement, does Fox News have a plan for 'Succession?' 04.21.23
One more stab at Thomas, then I promise I'll quit 04.17.23
'The Stupidity Burns' and other thoughts ... 04.14.23
SPECIAL EDITION: Traveler Thomas & the Unaccountable SCOTUS 04.06.23
Happy Donald Trump Arraignment Day and other thoughts ... 04.04.23

Welcome to my new Substack newsletter 04.03.23  

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