Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Apropos of Nothing: Of School Buses, Phony Vaccine Exemptions and Corporate Meddling

My latest column for CTNewsJunkie.com:

This week, I examine three sundry but related developments in Connecticut: the school bus driver shortage caused by vaccine-averse drivers and which now appears to have been a false alarm; a Durham doctor who was giving out phony COVID vaccine exemptions to "patients" sight unseen; and the attempt of COVID titan Hartford HealthCare to get the city of Bridgeport to rewrite its zoning code to allow the medical behemoth to erect a "garish 8-foot sign on the roof" of St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Of Dr. McIntosh, I wrote:

It really is appalling that a highly trained professional who took the Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm,” would participate in such quackery by providing medical advice that is clearly harmful to public health — all under the spurious banner of “freedom.” Click here to see the “suspension cover sheet” provided by the examining board and linked by C-HIT. Pretty shocking stuff. After McIntosh is reinstated, perhaps she can find some new patients in Cheshire.

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