Wednesday, October 13, 2021

As Facebook Teeters, Pols Make Nazi Comparisons At Their Peril

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An obscure Connecticut state representative takes to the CTNewsJunkie Facebook page and, in a comment, likens Gov. Ned Lamont's COVID-related mandates to Nazi Germany. It should be obvious that this is a strategy that never works. Why? Simple: Because nothing in recorded history was worse than Hitler's Third Reich.

That got me to thinking about Facebook, which has been hit with one self-inflicted wound after another, along with several actions on the part of the Congress and the federal government. Can the company survive? It will be an uphill battle when one considers that Facebook is the object of rare bipartisan loathing in Congress. To wit:

Lastly, unlike most issues confronting the federal government these days, smacking down Facebook has bipartisan support. Republicans, even those such as [Rep.] Dauphinais who use it, love to hate Facebook because they think the company unfairly “censors” conservative views. Democrats who love to bash big corporations are united in punishing a company that puts profits over people.

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