Wednesday, June 8, 2022

State and Federal Government Fact Checkers Doomed To Fail

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CT's government fact-checkers could suffer the same fate as the Biden administration's Disinformation Governance Board. It will either be "paused" or few people will believe it.

To wit:

As my colleague Hugh McQuaid reported last week, the new post is “part of a broader, $2 million campaign to root out bad voting information ahead of the 2022 statewide elections.” Merrill’s chief of staff, Gabe Rosenberg, says the new hire’s charge “will be limited to election administration.” The analyst will not referee political disputes or personal attacks among candidates for office. Sounds harmless enough, right? ...

Moreover, those who cheered the creation of the disinformation board and the EISA might want to think twice about it. You might think those truth tellers are fine if they are guided by elected officials that you like, but imagine for a moment what a ministry of truth would look like in the Trump administration.

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